Health & Safety in a Coal mine


RAGMS or RAG Mining Solutions is a part of the company RAG Aktiengesellschaft, the largest coal mining company in Germany. RAGMS delivers German know-how in the coal industry to a global market, in the form of consulting and engineering services. Mining Engineering covers topics like Roadway Drivage, Mine Ventilation, Climate Control, Gas Management, Building Materials and Logistics. It also provides services for Electrical Engineering and Automation as well as for Environment, Health and Safety Safety, Protection and Regulations.

The Challenge

Knowledge transfer from Europe to Asia

The key goal of the project was to transfer knowledge from older, more experienced coal miners based in Germany to a new generation of coal miners in Vietnam. This knowledge transfer also reflected the changing nature of the coal mining industry with mining activities in Germany on a decline while those in east Asia on an upswing.

Depicting realistic scenarios

The mining conditions in Vietnam are very distinct than those in Germany. Yet we needed to show how miners in Germany work and how these techniques could be adopted by their Vietnamese colleagues. A pedagogical challenge was to get the learners in Vietnam to appreciate and understand the actions of their German colleagues without moving to Germany which was not feasible.

The Solution

Interactive Pages for Theory

For theoretical topics like Leadership, Communication Skills, Risk Assessment, Personal Protection, etc. we built Interactive Pages in a Web Based Training. These Interactive Pages allowed the learners to explore each topic in depth.

Videos for Practice

To learn how a mining machine should be used or how personal protective equipment ought to be worn or how to safely lift a heavy load, the next best option after being physically present was to capture these actions in the form of film and embed them into Web Based Trainings.


Behind the scenes

In the Ruhr region of Germany, our film crew with help from client filmed all the health and safety scenarios for the Web Based Training. They used special equipment to overcome special light conditions, electricity requirements, cabling requirements and intense heat, noise and dust to build very realistic eLearning videos.

The Results

The combination of Interactive Pages and Video content allowed us to deliver the best combination of theoretical and practical knowledge to the learners based in Vietnam. For our client, RAGMS, it offered an efficient and cost effective way of transferring knowledge from their retiring colleagues to new ones.