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Every learning challenge is unique and requires a unique solution.
All of our solutions are carefully crafted and tailor-made for a specific purpose.
One size does not fit all.
While we may draw on years of experience, we look at every challenge with a fresh set of eyes and offer specific solutions for specific problems.


One bite at a time


Micro-Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge through the consumption of Micro Content in a very short time span. The design and development of Miro Content provides special challenges, forcing the instructional designer to leverage every available Sensory Channel – Visual, Spatial, Aural, Verbal, Tactile – to enable the successful transfer of the Knowledge.

But Micro Learning also opens up opportunities because it automatically plays to our Short Attention Spans, it enables Just-in-Time learning, it makes it possible to deliver Content On-Demand, it helps create Individual Learning Paths and allows for the use of Exciting Release Strategies.


Let the learner control the story


In an Interactive Video, the learner controls the flow of the story. At various Decision Points along the way the learner is confronted with a decision. Based on the learner’s choice the story continues in one direction or another. In short, the learner determines the outcome of the story.

Interactive Videos are can excellent learning vehicle of choice for soft-skills training, compliance training, sales training and any other topic where the learner needs to be trained to make decisions.


Make it believable


We learn best when we can relate to the training we are experiencing. And there is no better way to get trained than to experience the scenarios and the situations where our newly acquired skills will get used. That’s what Scenario Based Learning is all about. In Scenario Based Learning we recreate real-life scenarios from Sales, Compliance, Health & Safety and other domains where exposure to real-life scenarios is an essential part of the learning and development experience.


Make it real


Films make it real. They bring situations to life and help bridge the divide between the learning scenario and real life. Filmed simulations give the learner a sense of what to expect after the learning is finished. Instructors enhance their students’ experience by using films in their classrooms. Films embedded into eLearning Modules are not only a breath of fresh air, they leave behind a positive connection between the leaner and the digital learning experience.

Animations are useful to explain complex concepts in visually attractive ways. They make dull and dry topics suddenly seem interesting. And they can greatly increase the overall effectiveness of the eLearning.


Drive interactivity


Classical eLearning is a combination of beautiful graphic designs, voice explanations, intricate interactivities and a structured eLearning experience. This is the most commonly used form of digital learning because it is the most familiar. It is also the simplest form of digital learning and for that reason it is also the most versatile.

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